Luke Jongbloed

CG Generalist


Nemo & Friends SeaRider

Tokyo DisneySea ( Tokyo, Japan )

I created animatics for new scenes to be tested in the show. The animatics were played to a live test audience at the park for testing and feedback. After the scenes were approved and finals animated, I was tasked with generating the camouflage effect of Hank to mimic what was done in the film.

Iron Man Experience

Hong Kong Disneyland ( Hong Kong, China )

My primary role was to create animatics for the 6 short videos played in the queue line, advertising Stark Industries technology. Working primarily with the script, some loose storyboards, and test audio clips, I had to piece together working scenes that made sense and kept the viewers engaged. The entire process involved many iterations of script rewrites, including some custom storyboards I drew to fill in holes. After final approvals, I was involved in creating some of the motion graphics elements for the final cuts. Some of these elements include a landscape parallax, molecules, and magazine page turning.

After completing my work for the 6 films, I was able to work on a couple other queue line features involving transparent displays. One of them being 3 cylindrical screens with some motion graphic animations showcasing Stark Industries 3 main technologies. In the center of each cylinder are models of each of the 3 technologies that are revealed throughout my animations. The other being a glass shattering and healing effect.